Vauxhall Corsa-e


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Jan 19, 2021
United Kingdom
My Corsa-e from 12AUG20 and Mileage of 1580 as of today 20/01/21 ... had a RE-Call to dealership garage dated 04/01/21 This is work done to check/ correct posible Air-Bags poblem. I was hoping that the Infotainment/ Software User Interface ( 10 inch touchscreen ? would have been updated...Viewing car SETTINGs / SYSTEM/ SYSTEM INFO here are my findings as of today 20/01/21... Hopefully this data ( which means little to me will help others... SYS SETTINGS/ SYSTEM INFO as of today 20/1/21 ... System Version:: last Updated: 2019-09-17 and UPDATE(S) DUE ... Empty List... NOTE: I did NOT try Export Config to USB memory stick option. Cheers